DC Reveals 8 Upcoming Movies. Retitles Flash.

Comic Con has wrapped and DC films revealed some new information regarding their upcoming movies back on Saturday before the Justice League trailer took over the internet. 8 movies were revealed but very few details about them were mentioned. Here is the list below.

  1. Suicide Squad 2
  2. The Batman
  3. Wonder Woman 2
  4. Flashpoint
  5. Green Lantern Corps
  6. Shazam
  7. Justice League Dark
  8. Batgirl

DC revealed earlier in the week that the first movie to go into production will be Shazam. Shazam has not been cast yet and DC already confirmed that Black Adam (played by Dwayne Johnson) will not appear in the movie. Shazam is going to be directed by David F. Sandberg (Lights Out).

Everyone knew that Suicide Squad 2 as still going to come despite all the rotten reviews and reaction from fans. The critical flop still peformed above expectations. There still isn’t much word on when the movie will be going in to production. Jaume Collet- Serra (Non-Stop, The Shallows) is the newest director attached to the project (Mel Gibson was rumored for the film up until recently).

Batgirl will likely begin production relatively soon as Avengers director Joss Whedon will be taking the reigns. There have already been a few relatively unknown names reportedly being scouted for the role but nothing has been officially announced. A Nightwing movie was mentioned a few months back with Chris McKay directing but it looks as if that movie could be put on the backburner for now as nothing was mentioned.

Wonder Woman 2 was expected after the success of the first movie and the Green Lantern Corp has also been expected over the last few years. Tyrese Gibson has said that Warner Brothers has had some conversations with him about a role in the movie, but lets hope that’s not true.

Finally, Ben Affleck continued to state that he is fully committed to the upcoming Batman film despite reports that he was looking for move on. He clams that he has yet to see the story Matt Reeves is working on. Affleck said that he “always intended to appear in a third film (The Batman would be the 3rd film he’d appear in the DCEU)  if Waners wants to make it” but he never mentioned about anything past that. Matt Reeves intends to make a trilogy of Batman movies. If Affleck decides to stay for the first movie as he is contracted for it could be possible that they could move on with someone new after that.

The Flash was has been officially retitled Flashpoint which was a famous comic book run when Barry Allen goes back in time to stop his mothers murder and completely changes the DC universe. That could be a way to change Batman. In the Flashpoint comic the universe was shifted and Bruce Wayne was killed instead of his father meaning that Thomas Wayne became Batman instead of Bruce Wayne. Thomas Wayne already appeared in Batman V Superman and was played by Negan himself Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Obviously things could go in a completely different direction than that as well with Dick Grayson taking on the cowl instead. This is all speculation of course.

What do you think of DC upcoming slat of releases? What do you think their plans are with Batman now?