Lucasfilm Reveals Several New Books Ahead of The Last Jedi Release

Lucasfilm wasn’t exactly the star of Comic Con but they did make a splash with some new novel and comic announcements. Check out for the long list of books. I just thought I would mention some of the highlights.

Check out that awesome Thrawn cover above. Thrawn was brought back into the fold with Rebels and then his own novel written by Timothy Zahn but now it looks like he is getting his own comic. Word is that its an adaptation of Zahn’s novel which is likely a good idea for people who are looking for the short hand version of the novel. I have to say the art looks awesome on that cover and I can’t wait to read it.


This photo is a quick look at issue number 3 of the upcoming Mace Windu comic. Fans still have to wait until August 23 for the release of the first issue but it looks like Lucasfilm wanted to increase the hype for this.


The final image is a look at a new collection surrounding Canto Bight. The rumored “casino” planet that will be revealed in The Last Jedi. The book will be a collection of short stories all about the planet and it could perhaps give some hints into what happens in The Last Jedi.

What are your thoughts on the new Star Wars novels and comics?