• One Mat Gang

    Guns make everything better

    • Bulgingsnake

      Always have

  • Beastly beast

    “Hey, tell me where Ganon is keeping zelda bitch, or I will bring you up to the top of dadongo mountain and throw your punk ass in!”


    • Bulgingsnake

      Right you are Mr Beast.

  • Mr. Perfect

    Blasphemous. Next they will say that Gannon isn’t a pig anymore…

    • He better still be a pig demon.

  • I feel pretty good about it. I hope he gets a car too.

  • RockMomster

    Nooooooo. It’s supposed to be whimsical!!

  • PQG 1991

    I accepted the car unit in age of empires I don’t see why not accept this too

    • holybagpipes

      That was a cheat code but still….

      • PQG 1991

        I know but there was something who said, you know what this game needs a cheat code to create a car which will be one of the strongest units in the game hahaha

      • holybagpipes

        Yeah although those towers in the last few levels took a while to take down. Even with 2 of those cars.

      • PQG 1991

        When I was a kid I built whole armies of those cars sometimes XD