Do you sleepwalk?

So, my child is a sleepwalker. He will usually sleepwalk after having a bad dream, or a high fever.. tonight it was because of a dream I assume .. since he already told me earlier in the night he was scared after watching Armageddon today. ….I can always tell when he’s not actually awake because he doesn’t complain when I walk him back to his room. He climbs back in bed, gets tucked in and is back asleep. If he were awake he would plead his case to not go back there.

…. tonight I just ran out of energy to return him.. so he’s now laying next to me and it got me thinking… he also says funny things when he’s doing this. One night he walked into the kitchen and  said “mom, cantaloupes”, and I asked him if he wanted cantaloupe.. he said very seriously, “no, no, no, I FEEL like a cantaloupe.” And then he walked back to bed with ease hahaha.

Anyone else on TGO deal with sleepwalking either with you or your family?

(Bulgingsnake hasn’t learned yet that yelling at a sleepwalker the you have to wake up early isn’t an approach that works lol)