• Villain

    I keep a clothespin on my dick at all times so no one can blame that stuff on me.

    • mikezippy

      I peed down my own leg just yesterday as I was finishing up in the bathroom. Had to walk down a hall full of people hoping no one noticed. Lucky for me I had on dark pants so it was hard to see.

      • Bulgingsnake

        Sounds to me like you’re winning at life.

      • Steve

        Relax, man. Urine a safe place.

  • Bulgingsnake
  • No promises.

  • Mr. Perfect

    One time I drank a ton of beers, and had to pee. Even though I thought I was getting the toilet, I pissed all over myself. Didn’t realize till I zipped up and felt the wetness. Good thing I was on my way out and the place was dark!