So far…not that bad…

…but the dialogue is crap. Combat is fun so far. I like that I get to be Boba Fett

  • So true.

  • PQG 1991

    Boba fett always makes things better

  • Beastly beast

    This game licks dick plus a jet pack.

  • This game licks dick.

  • Beastly beast

    You got it sam!?

    I’ve had it for a while now….. but I had pu it down because I got discouraged with it.

    I picke dit back up over the past couple of days and….. I’m enjoying it a lot actually!

    The major problems with this game seem to be heavily frontloaded. It gets MUCH better once you crack deeper into it.

    For instance…. I hated the dialogue. I hated the companions. I thought the menus and the UI was so fucked that it nearly ruined the game for me. I hated the star map and I hated all the loading going on with it.

    I hated the facial animation too.

    Now (after what was surely some patches) I think the graphics are actually pretty good. Not cream of the crop like I thought ME2 and 3 were….. but I actually like the look of the game.

    The facial animation is still a tad weird at times but it isn’t bothering me nearly as much. Must have been the patches.

    I actually have grown to like the companions a lot too. I dare say they even compare favorably to some of the companions from the original trilogy. Especially drak.

    The companion missions have been a particular highlight too….. they are genuinely well done.

    I have also learned to avoid doing some of the filler content and ignore my OCD tendency to do it all. Some of it just isn’t necessary.

    And the combat is AWESOME. By far the best combat of the series.

    If you have some trouble gettin into it I would suggest ignoring side content and pushing through the main story for a bit. This will open up the good stuff a bit more.

    It’s kinda like inquisition with that games initial area…. a lot of people got stuck in there doing filler quests and gave up when they should have pushed some main story content and opened the game up a bit.

    Yes the dialogue is still rather crap a lot of the time but even that improves greatly deeper into the game.

    If the game stays enjoyable like it is for me right now i will have to fess up and say the game is actually pretty underrated. There is some quality stuff in here.