Ronnie James Dio Hologram to Tour Europe.

Ronnie James Dio is one of the most beloved singers in all of heavy metal. His stint in Black Sabbath following Ozzy Osbourne still remains painfully underrated he released some killer albums as a member of Rainbow and his solo band DIO as well. Dio died back in 2010 but various tribute groups composed of his former band members have toured the world playing his music under the name Last in Line and the Dio Disciples. Now it looks like Dio will be going on tour in hologram form.

I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this. The hologram version of Dio seems like a bit of an effort to take advantage of former fans. I’m sure that the hologram is interesting for the first few songs but its a trick that gets old quick. Ex-Dio guitarist Craig Goldy says that they plan on doing 80-100 shows with the hologram.

The hologram debuted last year and even the members of the band admit that reactions to it have been mixed.

Here’s a video of hologram in action. What are your thoughts?

  • Andronymous

    I am not sure they know what the word hologram means…. Maybe it is different if you are there but to me it looks like a plain old video of him.

  • Villain

    It sounds like ticket prices will be through the roof too. Its not for the fans at all just a retirement fund for the band.

  • One Mat Gang

    It will be a short tour. I plan on storming the stage and shooting the hologram,Straight Through The Heart! This is a disgrace.