Spain Fact #7: “Sex in Spain”

So I’ve been asked to make a post about Sex in Spain. Sex in Spain isn’t all that different from the USA with the possible exception that our pick up lines are spoken in other language and the words moaned during sex too. And from my experience sometimes the time spent trying to get laid when you are single which is my case and the time spent having sex with a chick are completely  disproportionate in the sense that you can spend two hours hitting on a girl and not spend as nearly much time having sex except on some cases which I must confess I’ve only heard of on tv. All that being said I must say every time spent getting laid is worth the time trying to do so.

I know that what I have described can be applicable to sex in any kind of the world but like I said sex in Spain is not that different from any other part of the world, except that we like to hit on foreigners on “guiris” (A word for foreigner that started with a negative connotation that eventually has evolved to be just a neutral world sometimes used as an endearment term) because we may have more success with them than with local girls.

Also when I haven’t gotten lucky a return home to my loyal Virginia and Vanessa also known.

Resultado de imagen de hand palms

Author’s Note: The facts stated in this post are more base on subjective experience as such other Spaniards may have very different stories about sex in Spain. Some may tell you about lonely nights shepherding the sheeps or the goats and… well you can guess the rest…