This story is timeless and true.


My dad use to butt fuck me ‘for the win’ all the time back in the day. But he is dead now, so he can’t give me a good ol fashion assblasting anymore.

Well, right before my dad died I started blowing his dong real nice like. By doing this his dong turned into a “boner”.

When my dad finally expired, I instantly cut off his pecker while it was still hard and threw it in the freezer. I threw it in the freezer so it would stay hard.

I still have my dad’s hard dick, thank god for blow-jobs & freezers… Now anytime I want my dad’s dick in my ass, I just open up the freezer door and there it is.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where frozen dicks will thaw out and become soft, so I have a small window of opportunity to get my hole off with my dad’s frozen dick.