When it comes to westerns it’s hard to beat old Doc Holliday. He drops one liners like he does bodies….with reckless abandon…like a true bad ass should. Truly one of the most classic of western movie characters created. In the movie Tombstone, one of the best westerns ever made, he pretty much steels every scene he is in. Easily one Val Kilmer’s best roles he has ever played if not the best one.

  • PQG 1991

    I don’t think I’ve seen that movie full, I watched the second half of it one day it was airing on tv but and I liked what I saw perhaps it’s time to watch the whole thing

    • Treat yourself and watch it.

      • PQG 1991

        Yeah I will

  • Villain

    Val Kilmer needs to make a comeback. He’s done some great work. He’s the underrated Batman too.

    • I feel he is a good Batman but a terrible Bruce Wayne.

  • Kilmer nailed it as Holiday! He is by far the best part of an already bad ass movie.