Here’s some Wolfenstein 2 gameplay footage(Very spoiler heavy!!!)

This is some really exciting stuff but it still baffles me why they can’t hire seasoned gamers to play these demos. This stuff is Polygon level bad but the game looks pretty good so far. I think this might be on the easiest difficulty since I doubt a jet pack powered Supersoldaten can fall so easily to a bunch of bullets while in the previous game they were some tough sobs to deal with and seeing how atrocious the gameplay was, the players never died.

There’s some interesting things though:

  • There’s a part where two KKK members get berated for not knowing how to speak German.
  • Your health is stuck to 50 but your armor is upped to 200. Although you can pick up more healthpacks to gain more health points, it’ll slowly trickle back to 50 making you choose your fights more carefully.
  • Yes the wheel chair gameplay is awesome is fuck.
  • Nazis have a strange addiction to Strawberry Milkshakes.