Two things: BroCast is live, but Fin & I were RAPED!

#1: BroCast is live!!! How to find us:

#2: We were raped!

We were closing down Subway and we were 13 minutes away from glorious 10:00pm shutdown. Unfortunately, the Blue Falcons were ready. They know when it is time to close and that is when they strike. 10 fuckers show up, all wanting foot long tuna and BMT footlongs. Suprise: we were out of tuna! They must have known! All of out prep to leave early was obliterated. It was almost like they were competing to see who could show up the latest. Of the two of us, I’m am the smaller one, so they came after me first. Fin tried to save me, but I told him to run and save himself. I immediately regreted my decision. What came next was nothing but ripping and tearing of my anus. It was sub after sub after sub. All footlongs with complicated ass toppings. It a moment of respite I looked up and saw Fin pinned too the Ice-e machine. What I saw was beyond horribe…our rectums will never be the same.