• Beastly beast

    Xenu came from space to bless us all with his epic amounts of intelligence and he also blessed us with Tom cruise. AND TOM CRUISE LICKS DICK!

    I’m being serious by the way:


    • Bulgingsnake

      He’s the greatest man known to man!

    • Jerry Eldini

      He has good ethics and has almost completely rid himself of body thetans. In other words, he’s bat shit crazy!

  • holybagpipes

    You can’t spell scientology without crazy.

    • Raiden

      Fun fact. Scientology came around because of a bet between Ron L Hubbard and fellow Sci-Fi Author Robert Heinlein. They would each write a book, and each would try to start a religion based around the concepts in that book.

      Hubbard wrote “Battlefield Earth”. Heinlein wrote “Stranger in A Strange Land”.

      Hubbard won the bet, obviously.

      • One Mat Gang

        Stranger in a Strange Land became an Iron Maiden song, so in my eyes Heinlein won the bet.

  • PQG 1991

    Does that mean we have to participate in their next propaganda movie?

    • One Mat Gang

      Looks like Snake got a unicorn for his “propaganda” movie.

  • One Mat Gang

    Scientology seems hokey. I worship the Holy Gourd.