• Andronymous

    He’s on the good stuff!

    • Bulgingsnake

      Right you are

  • Beastly beast

    For some reason (not like we were frequent watchers) my dad was flipping through the channels the day this oprah episode hit the air.

    And we saw it…… and we were like…. what in the everloving ball licking thunder fuck is wrong with this guy?

    I remember telling dad:

    “Pops, I think this guy is fucking crazy.”

    And my dad said: “you’re right. This guy has fucking lost his shit.”

    • Father/son time at its best!

  • Raythedevil

    If only he would, it would eliminate two very annoying celebrities.

  • Andronymous
  • Rhe man knows how to WIN.

  • Dave79

    I’ve only seen him in The Outsiders.
    What a freak. Scientology handing out free meth or what?

    • Andronymous

      Oh on an unrelated note how do I sign up for Scientology? (scratches arm)

      • Dave79

        (picking face scabs) I’m not really sure dude…

  • holybagpipes
  • One Mat Gang

    Cocaine, it’s a hell of a drug!