• *sigh* the selection leaves much to be desired.

    remember when RockMomster would post pictures of her butt? Those were the days. Good days.

    • Bulgingsnake

      I fuck that butt 24/7, I don’t give a shit. GET ON MY LEVEL!
      Anyway, how faithful are you to the TGO cause? We need to female author like you to bring more people in. Guys on Disqus follow you around because they’re lonely losers, and that’s what we need!

      • Mr. Perfect

        She should tell guys that if they follow her to TGO, that she will suck their dicks.

      • Bulgingsnake

        That’s a winning idea right there.

      • Well if I appeal to lonely losers it’s because I am one. I might be able to write some after I catch a buzz what are you wanting

      • Bulgingsnake

        I don’t want “some writing”. I want daily award winning discussions!

      • okay I’ll muster up the greatest writing I’ve ever wrote n see if it makes the cut hope I can I get paid in xans

      • Bulgingsnake


      • One Mat Gang

        Gooble gobble, gobble gobble, one of us! One of us!

    • One Mat Gang

      Clearly we’ve matured. Like 50 years more mature. And 50 years more sexy.

    • RockMomster

      Hahahaha. It would have been very unsexy when I was pregnant lol

  • Mr. Perfect
    • One Mat Gang

      I thought that one looked like Papa Shango without the face paint!

      • Mr. Perfect

        You aren’t tricking me into looking at those again.

  • Klaatu

    I cant unsee this.

    • Bulgingsnake

      That’s the power of TGO.

    • Andronymous

      It’s wonderful isn’t it?

  • Beastly beast

    All of these hoes definitely lick dick!

    One of them might lick butt hole too.

    Oh who am I kidding?

    All of them do.

  • PQG 1991

    My eyes you can use a clickbait like that and show me what you have showed me Bulge, you could have at least showed us another asian woman!!

  • Steve

    #4 looks like someone dug up Chris Farley and put a matching bra and panty set on him.

    • RockMomster

      F b t