Asian News: China and India ready to fight it Out!

While China and India are neighbors who have some shared interests and businesses together, there are some issues in which their interest are in conflict. Mostly territorial interests…Some people may not know this but these two countries actually fought a war in 1962 due especially to the India’s stance regarding Tibet, the Dalai Lama and Tibetan refugees plus some territorial disputes

While the war was short and China eventually retreated from the area it didn’t miss the chance to screw India over supporting Pakistan in the war India and Pakistan fought in 1965 and still is to this day a key ally of Pakistan who also helped it develop its nuclear program

Resultado de imagen de bhutan map

The current standoff is taking place in Bhutan, the Happiest country on Earth, a country landlocked by both giant countries and ally of India. The thing is China claims a part of Bhutan as part of China and decided to build a road inside that territory which is internationally accepted as part of Bhutan’s territory. Legitimately shitting their pants the Bhutanese called India and India responded to the call by deploying troops in the area in question.

Aside from a forces from both sides pushing each other and China allegedly conducting war games and conducting live fire exercises, there doesn’t seem to have been much fighting or casualties, despite unconfirmed reports denied by both sides thankfully. However the standoff has been going on since the month of June.

Why is this conflict important? Well most of all because contrary to the previous war of 1962 is escalates into a full all out war it would be a war between two Nuclear powers and while its unlikely neither side would use this weapon. The thought of it being a remote idea in the mind of either side is scary… Not to mention a full-out war between the two most populous countries on Earth would be a catastrophe.

AN: This is not an actual News article, it’s just that I thought I read something about this in the news  about it and thought it would be interesting to do a post about it. While I’ve tried to remain  accurate it’s probable that I’ve made mistakes… what I mean to say is that if this story interest you go read actual news articles about it or watch the tv reports on the situation.