Did you know that in some cultures, Eastern asian Cultures the number 4 is considered an unlucky number just like 13 is in the western world? Apparently it has something to do with the fact that in some of these cultures the name of number four also has a different meaning often related to death.

While this is more a superstition than anything else the number 4 in both floors, apartments and rooms, this is especially the case in some hospitals. Other examples of Tetraphobia are that in some countries products that have the number 4 in the name have their names changed so they can be sold in some countries. China decided not to try to host the 2004 Olympics because number 4 is extremely unpopular and instead decided to apply for host of the 2008 Olympics which they ended up hosting. The number 4 is avoided sometimes as military designation for planes and ships in some Asian military forces, just like 13 is avoided as a designation number for planes in american and other western military forces.

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The people on this building avoided numbers 4, 14 and 13 (Just to be safe)

In some cases numbers formed by the combination of 4 and another number are considered more unlucky than just four by itself. For example 14 and 44 in South Korea  which can be pronounced as “Time to be Deceased”  and “Died and Deceased”. In China 14 and 74 which mean “Wants to die” and “Is going to die”. In Japan 24 and 49 which mean “Double Death” and “To suffer until death”.

Of course this superstition surrounding the number 4 has been used for financial gain. Some buildings in Hong Kong skip from floor 40 to floor 49 with that excuse  but the true reason behind it is that apartment or hotel rooms in the higher floors are more expensive than those in the lower floors and the higher the floor number the higher the price of the apartment or hotel room.