Update: Apparently this news was leaked on a South African site by someone using the name Edward Nigma (aka The Riddler). Meaning there is a pretty good chance that this article is false as fuck. Sorry guys.

I posted on TGO last week about a rumor that Ben Affleck would be moving on from Batman and the DCEU shorty. Now it looks like those rumors have been proven false as Affleck has been confirmed for Matt Reeves new Batman film and the following 2 movies in a the supposed trilogy. In the real surprise of the day Affleck is also attached to do a Batman Beyond movie at some point. It makes a bit more sense that you may think.

Ben Affleck will be turning 46 this year and he will be nearing 50 by the time the first Batman movie is released. That means he’ll be well on the way to 60 by the time the trilogy ends meaning he will pass on the Batman mantle for a potential Batman Beyond movie and serve as a mentor.

This is a truly shocking move as its safe to say that Ben has been making an effort to distance himself for the DCEU. He wrote a script and originally intended to direct a Batman movie but drinking issues and conflicts with Warner Brothers caused him to resign from the directors chair and WB scrapped his script.

It looks like its close to official that the dude who was da bomb in Phantoms is going to be Batman for a long time. Are excited to see that Ben Affleck will continue as Batman?