Episode IX Gets a New Writer

Lucasfilm has been leaking an abnormal amount of bad news over the past few weeks. With all the news surrounding Han Solo fans have a lot of question marks and this recent report by THR claims that Episode IX has gotten a new writer as a production start date continues to creep closer.

Jack Thorne, the writer of the upcoming film Wonder has been brought in to do work on Episode IX. Director Colin Trevorrow and his writing partner Derek Connelly are the original writers on the project and it is still uncertain how much of the script will be re-written. With Carrie Fisher’s death still fairly fresh in everyone’s mind there is a possibility that Thorne could be coming in to help give a finale to that character. It could be more extensive than that of course. This will certainly cause some drama as fans have been questioning Colin Trevorrow’s ability ever since he was announced as director. Jurassic World could be considered divisive by some fans and reviews behind his new project the Book of Henry were nothing short of brutal. Rian Johnson was believed to be writing a story treatment for Episode IX but he has stated that rumor was false.

What do you think of the new Episode IX writer? Do we have anything to be worried about?