Spain Fact #8: Tourism in Spain

Tourism in Spain is a very important source of income for the country. Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world, in 2014, 2015 and 2016 it has been amongst the top three countries in number of visitors along with France and the United States and it’s not hard to see why.

Spain has some of the best beaches in Europe and many european practically flock to them each and every Summer to enjoy the good climate and the good food and beautiful beaches.

Other than Summer tourism we also have cultural tourism which is when people come and visit the beautiful cities, museums and monuments of our country all year-long it’s not weird to see groups of tourists visiting the famous spanish landmarks, for example the royal palace “Palacio Real” or the “Plaza Mayor” Major Square of Madrid and “Prado” museum of Madrid among others for example the Sagrada Familia or any other monument in Barcelona, the Giralda in Seville, the Alhambra in Granada, the “Old City” in Cáceres and many other monuments in any other part of Spain.

Rural tourism is when people from both other countries and inside Spain when they just want to get out of the busy life in the city, Spain has many beautiful places and villages when you can do this and just relax for a period of time. People doing this kind of tourism may just rent a house in the countryside or go to a “Casa Rural” Rural House which is a kind of hotel in the countryside. The Spanish countryside also has lots of things to discover like many palaces from the nobility old churches… or just enjoy nature, the rivers, the forest all very relaxing.

Another type of tourism is the party tourism. While it’s true that this type of tourism greatly increases during summer like cultural or rural tourism it goes on all throughout the year. Of course many people around the world have heard about the parties in Ibiza or Majorca but people come to a lot more cities in Spain to party. One of the main reasons about it is the price of the drinks as well as well as the time that pubs and discos remain open.

Now while most Spaniards welcome tourism there has been a wave of anti-tourism in recent times prompted for the behavior some of the tourists have displayed while in our country while others purely because of political and bullshit reasons. This last group is a little more dangerous since they’ve been known to vandalize a tourist bus during a tour, don’t worry though since events such as those are really REALLY rare and they don’t cause harm to tourist directly just to any inanimate object related to tourism. Both groups are luckily a minority here in Spain.

Like when you do when visiting other countries be very careful with your personal possessions since in really popular touristic spots there can be pickpockets waiting for a distraction to steal from you, police presence is also really heavy in those places so if you have the bad luck of being robbed you won’t have any trouble reporting it to the police and perhaps even getting your things back depending it on how quick you realize it and report it.

Lastly if you ever visit Spain during the Summer I hope you have fun, of course but if you in a hotel with a pool and you think you can jump from the balcony towards the pool please don’t you wouldn’t be the first copse to be found after trying that or even worse the first to become paralyzed because of it.

Resultado de imagen de palacio real

Palacio Real (Madrid)

Resultado de imagen de plaza mayor

Plaza Mayor (Madrid)

Resultado de imagen de Giralda

Giralda (Seville)

Resultado de imagen de alhambra granada noche

Alhambra (Granada)

Resultado de imagen de Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)

Resultado de imagen de Casa batllo

Casa Batlló (Barcelona)

Resultado de imagen de Benidorm

Benidorm (Valencian Community)

Resultado de imagen de Tarifa

Tarifa (Cádiz)

Resultado de imagen de Casa rural

Rural House in Ávila (Castille and Leon)

Resultado de imagen de nacimiento del rio cuervo en verano

Nacimiento de Río Cuervo (Cuenca, Castille la Mancha)

Resultado de imagen de malasaña fiesta

A party at a disco in Malasaña (Madrid)

Resultado de imagen de Fiesta en ibizA

A party in Ibiza