• Villain

    I don’t even know if the meat armour would be necessary. I would assume that most vegans are afraid of confrontation and they could easily be distracted. All you have to do is shoot a neighboring horse or cow and they will rush to its aid. Therefore allowing you to move on as you please.

    • holybagpipes

      I’ll traumatize them by proceeding to eat the shot horse and cow.

    • One Mat Gang

      I just stick a broom handle in the spokes of their 10 speed bike.

      • Villain

        …and watch them burn off all their braided armpit hair on the hot asphalt.

  • Bulgingsnake

    I just tell vegans that God (Tom Cruise) didn’t give us K9s to bite through lettuce.

  • Steve

    That dude is high in protein.

    • holybagpipes

      That dude IS is the protein.