Well folks if your loaded with cash to burn and have the space for a life sized doll to have lying around your house you are in luck. Because Jennifer is here to rock your world.


Hi! My name is Jennifer. I know I look like a total nerd and I’m ok with that. Nerds like me will rule the world, you know. What you don’t see is what’s underneath my quiet, studious exterior. You know what they say about the “quiet ones”? Well, I can show you and you’ll love what you’ll discover. When I let my hair down I can really be hard for the average man to handle. I have brains and beauty and I like to have fun. A lot of men are intimidated by that but if that doesn’t frighten you then maybe we are a good match. At the very least, I’d love to sit and watch all of the Star Wars and Star Trek movies with you.


Jennifer is available for only $2,149 at


Who could pass on this cutie of a nerd?


For a doll I have to admit she doesn’t look bad at all. If I was locked alone in a room with her I’m sure I’d get along just fine with her. Probably talk Star Wars with her. Maybe even talk about toys….she would know quite a bit being one herself. She reminds me of a giant toy figure you’d collect. I’m sure some rich perv collector has a room full of these girls in cases. I can’t really even begin to think of the type of person these are marketed for. For the money they are asking you could have the real thing so you really have to have some weird fetish for them. Obviously those people are out there or these things wouldn’t exist.


What is the next step from this anyways? Are we getting closer and closer to sex robots soon? I could see them existing within 25 years on a simple level. They wouldn’t be cheap more like a toy some rich guy can brag about owning……kind of like one of these dolls I guess. Leave it to sex to drive technology and innovation for you. If you had 2500 in cash lying around would you get one of these dolls? Or if you won one in a raffle drawing would you keep it? They are interesting I will say that.


  • One Mat Gang

    So where exactly do you buy a real life non-verbal sex kitten? I would keep her with my collection. She might teach my GI Joes and my wrestling Action figures few things.

  • This creeps me out!!!

  • holybagpipes

    If they actually had robo-sex dolls, the human race would be fvcking extinct.

    I mean to you could have a sex-bot that doesn’t get old, doesn’t make a fit when you want to bang, will do all the housework, won’t ask for anything (do robots eat anything), won’t get sick, can play co-op video games with you, scratch your a$$ etc. How about it having skin that’ll actually sweat or have other organs that feel warm and moist?

    Or how about it will predict what you want? You don’t even have to say a single word and it’ll do the task that it thinks will satisfy like say, a bacon pepperoni sandwich followed by a quick round of pruning. Heck it’ll probably do your tax returns doing all that.

    It’s the end of humanity as we know it. I’d buy two. Twins specifically since fvck it I want to die happy

  • Andronymous

    For looks it is certainly better than some real ones I have gotten all up close and personal with. Sadly though I bet when you get close it smells like the inside of a tire and feels like a shark with straw growing on it.

    Edit: Still, probably better than a few of my ex’s… 😉

  • Bulgingsnake

    The best

  • PQG 1991

    I’m looking forward to the future hahaha

  • Mr. Perfect

    If someone has that kind of money to burn, then they should be able to pick up a real woman for the evening.

    • Raythedevil

      I think you meant ‘of the evening’?

  • Raythedevil

    I would definitely keep it if I won it. But I wouldn’t buy one, I have better things I could do with that much money.

  • Steve

    Do they make one in a Janet Reno?