The Dredd reboot was released back in 2012 and even though the film didn’t get a great box office return it has developed a huge cult following since it hit DVD. Karl Urban quickly became the definitive version of the comic character and erased all memory of the failed Stallone movie from back in 1995.

Karl Urban has stated many times that he’s interested in a sequel to the movie but the box office failure has basically ruined all chances of another film adaptation. However it turns out that there is a TV project in the works and Urban mentioned that he has already talked about potentially returning to Dredd. Urban said that he would love to return as long as the show has some quality and they is a good role for Dredd. The show is tentatively called Judge Dredd: Mega City One and the project hopes to take off sometime soon with the hope of a launch in 2019. It is intended to be an ensemble piece focusing on more than one Judge.

Are you excited about Karl Urban possibly returning to Dredd?