Disney announced yesterday that they will be making an attempt to start a streaming service for their own content at some point in 2019. Meaning all the current Disney films will be pulled from Netflix eventually. There was news just a few months ago that Disney had an agreement with Netflix that would allow all their recent releases to be held by the streaming giant but now it looks like they have gone back on the deal and will be starting their own platform.

I’m a fan of Disney’s projects but I am able to see when they fuck everyone around. I was pissed when they re-released The Force Awakens with more deleted scenes 6 months after the bluray release in order to capitalize on the double dippers and now they want to withdraw their extensive Netflix catalogue in order to receive all the profit. Chances are the Disney platform won’t have a great value and it’ll just be another monthly charge to add on top of stuff like Netflix, Hulu and Crave. Its getting to the point where you are paying the same price as a cable bill in order to stream all the content. Its no longer a the cost efficient way to watch TV anymore.

Considering Marvel and Lucasfilm are both under the same Disney umbrella I’m sure this will be effecting them as well. Of course when it comes to Star Wars I’m watching the film opening night and pre-ordering the Bluray once its available so I have no use for streaming Star Wars. It will likely only be The Force Awakens, Rogue One, Han Solo and The Last Jedi that will be available when the platform launches as Disney doesn’t have the rights to the rest of the saga.

I don’t know how long Disney will leave their content on Netflix. I would think that Netflix and Disney have an agreement on their properties and once the content comes up for renewal in X amount of time Disney will choose to take the film off the site. So you can probably enjoy Disney properties on Netflix for a little while.

What do you think of Disney starting their own streaming service? Are they going too far?