There I was, Thursday night and the special of the day was BMT’s. I could feel their presence lurking in the shadows waiting for the time to strike. Sam and I were frantically preparing the defenses knowing only a miracle would hold their onslaught. There was a faint sound in the distance of reeeeeeeee… and we knew BMT’s would soon be upon us. Then it happened, right as our watch was about to end and the light at the end of the tunnel was shining, a blue falcon appeared. His pants were at his ankles as he shimmied into the store. Sam and I braced for the ensuing fight to come. Then as he approached us we asked fearfully what we could get for it. Then in a shrieking high pitched voice, he said 3 BMT’s. The harbinger of doom was upon us and the BMT’s would show no mercy. Sam and I fought valiantly but no amount of skill can prevent the BMT from penetrating your rectum. We survived that night but would never be the same. We felt the icy sting of BMT and would never be the same. Always know, right when you think your shift is coming to an end, that is when the BMT’s will strike.


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