If you can remember a few month back (possibly even a year maybe) there were some reports surfacing that there was going to be a Snoke puppet used for The Last Jedi. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly and director Rian Johnson those rumors have been proved false. Snoke will be CGI with the help of motion capture technology.

Snoke will once again be played by Andy Serkis who has made a huge reputation for himself in mo-cap roles including Gollum, King Kong and Caesar for Planet of the Apes. Rian Johnson said he was absolutely thrilled¬†with Serkis’ performance in the movie and that the character will have a lot more to do in this installment. However, if you think that means we’ll get his origin you should think again. Johnson said that we’ll learn as much about Snoke as we need to know and he reminded the interviewer that there was no backstory from Palpatine until the release of the prequels.