Thanks to Entertainment Weekly we once again have some more information coming from The Last Jedi. Director Rian Johnson and Rey herself Daisy Ridley have confirmed that we WILL see who Rey’s parents are in The Last Jedi, but that say that the answer to the question may not make the impact some fans are expecting. After nearly 2 years of speculation the possibility of Rey being a Skywalker was started to fade. The chance she is a Kenobi has gained steam and seems like a possible theory but all in all it seems like its a good chance that Rey won’t have parents that we know.

Hopefully that learning Rey’s lineage will also answer who left her on Jakku and why meaning that we can close that chapter and move on. Ridley said “what’s coming is coming and whatever abilities she has are there. So, personally, I think its (her lineage) less important and even she thinks”.

Rian Johnson also mentioned Maz Kanata who will supposedly have a smaller role that her role in The Force Awakens. Considering she was only in a couple scenes in the first place that will likely mean that her role will mean mere minutes of screen time. I never felt like Maz really needed to have a big role. I just want to know how she got Luke’s lightsaber and its possible that Luke can answer that himself.

Are you glad that we will learn Rey’s parentage?