Do you enjoy a good time?

  • Terry

    I’ve always heard about the one man band and how the dude bangs his drum…but damn!

  • Raythedevil

    Nope, never enjoyed a good time, I’ve enjoyed many so-so times though.

  • Beastly beast

    Indeed it is.

  • Jerry Eldini

    Now THAT, is how its done yo!

  • Thomas Cruise

    There’s no sound, but I can tell he’s banging her to a Latin beat.

  • Billbo Corgans

    I used to be a little boy
    So old in my shoes
    And what I choose is my choice
    What’s a boy supposed to do?
    The rapist in me is the rapist in you
    My love
    I send this smile over to you

  • Tonybolloney

    I. Taking lessons

  • RockMomster


  • Tonybolloney

    No just one😊

  • Tonybolloney

    Hes not in tune.😊

  • Tonybolloney

    Really 😊

  • Tonybolloney

    Haha. Your so polite

  • Is she wearing vibram fivefingers? Porn star classics

  • Good times.

  • Billbo Corgans

    I play the guitar and this happens to me all the time. Only without the boobs and vagina

  • Mr. Perfect

    When I was in high school I made sure the girls knew I played guitar. Then I asked them if they wanted to play with my whammy bar. Winning.

  • RockMomster

    This is what happens when you play guitar