Yeah, you can body build all you want, but that won’t add inches to your dong.


Sucks to be the female who pills this guy’s pants down! She’ll be all like “your penis is from hell, BECAUSE IT’S LAME”!

  • holybagpipes

    Stroke the shaft….stroke the shaft.

    • Thomas Cruise

      Words to live by holybagpipes. Words to live by.

  • Good for butt sex.

    • Bulgingsnake

      Are you looking in the mirror again Sam Bo? I told you that you’re more than a piece of meat!

    • perfect size for me bum classic sam…

  • Billbo Corgans

    Billbo has been working on a spell to shrink the rest of my body so dong looks bigger by comparison. I AM THE DONG WIZARD

  • Thomas Cruise

    Everybody CALM THE FUCK DOWN! I’m alright! By now, you’ve probably heard or will learn the details soon of a little mishap I had as I was filming “Mission Impossible: Fight for Viagra.” Being the bad ass that I am, I said, “Don’t put me in a harness connected to a pulley system with brakes. That’s for pansies and Corgans. Let me fly. JUST LET ME FLY!” And, they did. I smacked into the wall of a building. I’m okay, though, because just before my stunt I saw a bus load of college-aged cheerleaders, my stiffy gotta wiffy of them fine honeys, and my enormous dong softened the blow as I smacked into the wall. I’m alive and well. As you were.

    • Billbo Corgans

      I’m a Corgans! The only time Billbo wears a harness is when I use that homosexswing contraption in the dungeon.

      • Thomas Cruise

        As do most of us Billbo Corgans.

      • Billbo Corgans

        Oh thank Tom Almighty Billbo isn’t the only twisted fruit

    • Mr. Perfect

      Did you break your pecker though?

      • Billbo Corgans

        Toms dong is unbreakable! Billbo has clenched his butthole hard and it never affects Tom. Old Iron Dong.

      • Thomas Cruise

        The pecker is perfect. They carried it in on one gurney and the rest of me on the other. Both of us are well.

    • Andronymous

      …and a building is now pregnant!

  • PQG 1991

    He decided to sacrifice his penis for a muscular body

  • Ugh… what do women see in men?