Tom Hardy, Prince William and Prince Harry to Cameo in The Last Jedi

With the legacy that Star Wars has built over the last 40 years there are an endless amount of actors and celebrities that want to appear in a Star Wars movies. Every once and a while those wishes are granted. As soon as The Force Awakens was released it was revealed that Daniel Craig played the Stormtrooper in the now recognizable “i’ll drop my weapon” moment in The Force Awakens. I also believe that Kevin Smith appeared in The Force Awakens as well. I’m just not sure which stormtrooper was him. Now that The Last Jedi is preparing for release John Boyega has already come clean about some cameos in the film.

Prince William and Prince Harry will both appear in the film as both are surprisingly big Star Wars fans and movie star Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, The Revenant)  will appear in another comedic moment in The Last Jedi. Hardy’s appearance has been rumored for some time now and Boyega’s comments confirmed it. Hardy’s appearance is expected to be in a scene with Boyega’s character Finn.