Characters Who Could/Should Be in the Obi Wan Movie

It was finally announced last week that an Obi Wan movie is currently on the way with The Hours director Stephen Daldry in talks to direct. Ewan McGregor is expected to reprise his role as Obi Wan but any other characters in the film still remain a mystery. Here is my list of characters that we could possibly see in an Obi Wan film.


Darth Vader: Most of the speculators have already jumped on this rumor. Vader has made a pretty big impact on Kenobi’s life at this point. I don’t think Kenobi leaving Tatooine is a problem and the quote that Vader says in A New Hope “When I left you I was but the learner, but now I am the master” is vague enough that Obi Wan could kick Vader’s ass one more time before he bites the dust in Episode IV. Unless they introduce a new villain I can’t see any other previously existing character being a reasonable foil for Obi Wan. Vader may not even be the main villain but I would expect him to appear. I wouldn’t even rule out Hayden Christensen appearing in a flashback. Should Vader be in the film? Maybe.


Owen Lars: Owen should be a given. I think that Obi Wan and Owen could develop a pretty cool rivalry as they struggle to find what is really best for Luke. Joel Edgerton who played Owen in the prequels has become one of the best actors in the world since his appearance in Star Wars. He also was very clear that he’d like to come back. Should Owen be in the film? Definitely.


Luke Skywalker: An appearance from a 10 year old Luke Skywalker is necessity. Its clear that Kenobi and Luke Skywalker have met before at the time of A New Hope and Luke and Kenobi had already met during the new canon comics. I wouldn’t expect Luke to appear as much as his uncle Owen but he should be there. Should Luke be in the film? Definitely.


Darth Maul: When rumors started to swirl about an Obi Wan movie I thought that Ray Park returning as Darth Maul was a genius idea. He has already developed a rivalry with Kenobi but a recent episode of Rebels has made it a lot more difficult to see the pair duel again. Should Darth Maul be in the film? No.


Qui Gon Jinn: Liam Neeson is another former Star Wars character that has expressed interest in returning to the franchise at some point. He sent George Lucas a message during Star Wars Celebration this year so he still does have some connection to Star Wars even though he only appeared in one film. In Revenge of the Sith we learned that Qui Gon had found the ability to live through the force after death but the EU explained that Qui Gon could be heard by other characters but he had no physical form. Whether they chose to retcon that has yet to be seen. It was obviously Qui Gon’s idea to train Anakin Skywalker despite the Jedi Council so there could be some drama between a force ghost Qui Gon and his former apprentice Obi Wan. Should Qui Gon be in the film? Definitely.


Jabba the Hutt: Kenobi obviously spent a lot of his time on Tatooine and Jabba the Hutt’s palace just so happens to be on the same planet so its definitely a possibility that Jabba could put a bounty out on Obi Wan if he finds out that he’s there. It could be possible that some of the bounty hunters affiliated with Jabba could appear too. Should Jabba be in the film? Maybe.


Yoda: Yoda and Obi Wan have had a relationship for years and its tough to say if the two Jedi Mastesr could have been communicating while they were both in exile. Whether that means they commune through the Force or Obi Wan goes to Dagobah is still up for debate. Yoda could appear but I wouldn’t count on it. A flashback would be a better decision if they wanted to include him. Will Yoda be in the film? Maybe.


Bail Organa: Thanks to Rogue One there is a possibility that Bail Organa could have been communicating with Obi Wan while he was in exile as it was him who summoned him in the first place. We know from Rebels that Organa is a busy man during the 20 years that Obi Wan spent on Tatooine but I’d be happy to see Jimmy Smits reprise his role again. Will Bail be in the film? Maybe


Ahsoka Tano: Dave Filoni has done such a great job with Ahsoka that she’s probably earned a live action appearance now. I don’t exactly know how well she would weave into an Obi Wan story but teaming Obi Wan up with Anakin’s old apprentice could work. Loyal Star Wars fans would love to see it. Will Ahsoka be in the film? Maybe

Are there any other characters that you expect to see in the Obi Wan movie?