Michael K. Williams Is Cut From Han Solo

Michael K. Williams has now been completely cut from the upcoming Han Solo movie because of the reshoots currently underway under director Ron Howard. Williams had completed all his footage when Phil Lord and Chris Miller were directors but now thanks to reshoots and scheduling conflicts he was unable to come back to London for pick ups.

Williams is currently shooting a film in Africa and couldn’t leave the set in order to complete his obligations to Han Solo. So whether that means the character will be cast with another actor or the character will be written out of the script we just don’t know. Williams also revealed that his character was a half man/ half alien creature and that he was proud of his portrayal of the character.

Williams is likely most known for his role as Omar in The Wire and has made a good character for himself as a character actor ever since. He’s appeared in the female Ghostbusters reboot, 12 Years a Slave and the HBO miniseries The Night of with fellow Star Wars star Riz Ahmed.

Are you disappointed that Michael Kenneth Williams is departing the untitled Han Solo film?