A Standalone Joker Movie is Happening. Martin Scorsese is Producing.

The reaction to the DCEU films have been mixed to say the least every though the reception to Wonder Woman seems to be turning things around. Now DC has started a whole new plan in creating DC movies that a “standalones” in the most literal sense. These movies are films that have no connection to the universe that they have already built with Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. First on the list is a Joker movie.

Before you get too upset the report from Deadline claim that this version of the Joker has nothing to do with the Jared Leto version that we saw in Suicide Squad. This film will be done with a completely different actor in the villain role. WB also already has some solid names attached to the project. Most notably is the great Martin Scorsese (Goodfellas, The Departed) who will produce the film. Todd Phillips (Hangover trilogy, War Dogs) will direct the film and the script will be written by the writer of 8 Mile.

I’m sure that this move may cause a little confusion for casual fans as it will be tough to explain which films are part of the main universe and which are not. I have no idea how many of these movies are planned but I will say that I’m on board based on the talent involved. I like the idea of making films that don’t have to have connections to a bigger universe. Spider-Man 1 and 2 are still 2 of my favorite comic book movies and they did so as standalone films. If this movie ends up sucking its not going to do damage to the DCEU. If they are planning a Joker origin story I’d expect to see a film borrowing an origin from Alan Moore’s legendary comic The Killing Joke.

Do you think that a Joker movie outside the DCEU is a good plan? Who do you want to see cast as the Joker?