Life Lessons

I am not much of a traveler. But Mrs. Gang and I have visited Jamaica several times. Enough times to make friends with some locals. They are a wonderful and caring bunch of people who will do anything to make your stay enjoyable. As a matter of courtesy, I offered to share a fine smoke with Marlon and my new friends. They laughed at what I presented them. 

Marlon told me it was time to learn how to roll a proper spliff. Not some pregnant banana looking thing. Here is my guide to a proper smoke:

  1. Prep your materials. I used freshly dried thyme from the garden. Grind your herbs, and roll a roach to use as a filter. The papers I use come with small squares to use. You can use a piece of the package the papers come in
  2. Place the roach at one end of paper and put herb in a taper or cone shape. Now your ready to roll
  3. Start at the roach end and roll diagonally to form a baseball bat shape. Keep it tight at the filter end. The slack will be taken out next 
  4. You will have a little extra paper on the end. Twist this and give the joint a light shake. This will pack the herb toward the roach. 
  5. Now you have a proper smoke to get your head in the winning mood. Sit back, light it up, and enjoy.