Episode IX May Return to Jakku

Jakku has been made a pretty important part of Star Wars canon fairly quickly. It is of course Rey’s planet at the start of The Force Awakens and the canon novels have built a bit more mythology on the planet as well. Now it is expected that the production will be return to Jakku in Episode IX.

A minor cast member from The Force Awakens mentioned that Lucasfilm was going to return to Abu Dhabi, the era that served as Jakku in The Force Awakens. He also mentioned that production on Colin Trevorrow’s film will begin next year, as expected.

A return to Jakku gives me mixed feelings. Jakku is meant to mirror Tatooine, Luke Skywalker’s home planet and it seems a little too similar to Episode VI to have the cast return to Jakku for a second time just like they did with Tatooine. Just because they are returning to the same set doesn’t mean that they are going to Jakku. It could also mean that Star Wars will return to Tatooine which has been featured in all but 2 live action Star Wars movies.

Do you think Episode IX should bring Rey back to Jakku?