Gentner Done!

In my hometown there is only one place better than Walmart to see some real Americans. That is Gentners Commission Market. Or as we call it The Springville Auction. Let’s hitch a ride on my black mare​​


Opened in 1939 as a meeting place for farmers to sell their products. In the 1960’s it became a farmers market, cattle auction, and flea market. THE DIRT MALL!

Let’s start our adventure in the barn. See if we can get our dong licked…

Missed the cattle auction. No goats this week,  and Charlie the pig said no to the lick job. But I did find some chickens. Lovely, lovely chickens. Let’s move on to the treasure hunt. I’ll see if I can find something for our TGO crew. I hear some funny talking is that Uilick McGee?​

​Nope just the auctioneer selling tools. I’m getting hungry.  Amish baked goods anyone?

I’m not sure what these are but they are brass with a crystal. Maybe Billbo could use one on his Dong Wizard staff

Hey Sam! A whole planet of Wookiee for you

Rockmomster. How about an ancient Aztec plate with Tonantzin, The Mother Goddess 

Everywhere you go Tom is there with you

Mr. Perfect you’ve been officially challenged 

Hey maybe Mike Zippy needs a new hat

Let me ask him? “Hey Mike do you…” oh no mustache. Not him. “You and your sister wives carry on good Sir!”

Autumn, would either of these fit you?

Oh man, I could make real stupid videos drinking out of this mug. Tom just whispered in my ear to wait. Better stuff ahead

Here is something for Snake. Lord of the Dongs

You sure done got a purdy mouth

At last! The perfect find. This will make Fun..With…Man Toys legendary ​

​One final purchase then back home to bask in my glory. Squeaky cheese curd. Mmmm