Force Friday 2 was a success!!!

My Force Friday started off as a bust. My local Walmart did not put out their SW merchandise at 12:01 last night, and all I went home with was Act for braces mouthwash…My only option was to wait for work and go to the Walmart my Subway lives in.

To my horror, the SW section had been ransacked! Nothing by crappy 3.75″ figures. Not the cool Black Series ones, but the cappy shits with no bendable joints. Total Corgan toys.maxresdefault (1).jpgHowever, before I left, I noticed an Old Luke hiding behind a few Batman figures! Some kid must have tried to keep it secret & safe. Fuck that little fuck, old Luke is mine now! WINNING!!!20170901_165008.jpg

Did you guys buy anything today or am I the biggest dork  loser on TGO?

Update: I was able to find Last Jedi Rey after work! Total WINNING!!!