A good meal is key to getting a job done. So it’s off to Arriba for some fine Mexican cuisine and some Dos Equis amber. 

Damn fine meal. I got the combo platter and only ate the shrimp taco and the corn pudding. Rest will die a sloppy death late tonight. Off to get my jug of beer

I have a glass of pilsner and get their Kolsch in the jug. 

Back home. Time to change the oil in the splitter. Easy stuff

  • Put pan under motor
  • Open  oil cap on top and drain plug on bottom 
  • After the oil stops flowing, Give the pull start rope a few gentle pulls to drain any sludge stuck inside. Don’t pull hard enough to turn over engine 
  • Add 1 QT 30w oil 
  • Start engine and shut off. Check dipstick to be sure level is full
  • There is no oil filter on this unit. So I change oil every other use. 

Splitter is all set to rock. Let’s lube up the operator 

Time to prepare the chainsaw

  • Use a premix chainsaw gas if available. No having to measure the oil and no engine clogging ethanol 
  • Fill the reservoir with bar oil to lubricate the chain

Let’s see how she runs​

Purrs like a kitten! Well, time for the opening ceremony. Please remove your hats and panties and stand for the color guard​

Outstanding! Game on!  

Cut each piece about 90% through. Don’t cut into the ground. This will ruin your blade. Roll each piece over and finish cut. Time for a quick break

All cut up. Let’s get out the splitter 

Many people use a log splitter in the horizontal position. I prefer vertical. 

Stack  the unsplit wood on one side and toss the split pieces to the other

Time for another break 

Refreshing! Now we split the big stuff​


Good work soldier! Let’s burn that shit! I’M A DIRT HERO!

Ten minutes after the fire was lit, a heavy rain storm rolled in. Guess there’s only one thing left to do