Co-Op Bros 6 next week!



I was hoping to have it done today but due to illness, hurricanes, and technical difficulties I was not able to finish it in time. It’s coming along nicely and I feel very happy about the upcoming episode. Stay tuned to TGO for the release date and time. If you missed episode 5, check it out below! You don’t want to be a Corgan do ya? Do it.

I’m going to start making a lot more videos in the near future(Co-Op Bros and more), so feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notifications asap!


  • Bulgingsnake

    For the win

  • UilickMcGee

    Damn fine.
    In space no on can hear your jock itch.

    • It was just common jock itch Uilick.

  • rockmomster nugget winning

    Sam eats dinner at 5pm damn

    • Damn straight A. Damn straight.

  • Baby Sister

    whats jock itch

    • Thomas Cruise

      I’ll describe it to you, but for some reason, the rule is you have to hold onto my dong while I do so. Hope it isn’t an inconvenience.

  • Thomas Cruise

    Three of the handsomest men and gods in the universe on the cover. Nice.