Time Travel

Today I took a paid day off from work to take a bike ride around Western New York. Far away from the city life. Where time has passed by and people live simple. The first stop is a wetland nature preserve

The fall foliage is just starting to turn colors. Another month and this will be a blanket of red and orange leaves. 

Every township here seems to be named for it’s geography. Great Valley, Ellicott Junction, Ashford Hollow, Cherry Creek… my next stop is Sculpture Park. A 400 acre outdoor art museum built in the 1960’s. It is a sprawling park with statues and metal sculptures everywhere. In the ponds. In the fields. In the woods. It’s an ideal place to stretch your legs and get your mind right. 

Now that I’m good and relaxed, time to head south, through Amish country and other places time has forgotten 

I have arrived at my final stop. This is a magical place called Little Rock City. Thousands of years ago, when the tectonic plates in the earth were shifting, mountains were formed. This caused smaller dirt and rocks to erode and separate. Leaving nothing but the largest boulders exposed at the surface. Another great place to hike around and break out a smoke stick. To check wind direction 

That concludes my tour. Back home now, 120 mile round trip. 4 hours of total peace and relaxation. Time to celebrate my journey with a few dozen barley sodas. Cheers TGO!