• mikezippy

    I think the right choice is obvious.

  • Why do you make me choose man? #2 I guess…

  • holybagpipes

    I’ll compromise. I’ll shove Uncle Jerry down the peehole of a zebra.

    • Now we are talking!

      • holybagpipes

        Eat your heart out National Geographic!

        Also I shall record the sounds for my next smooth jazz-scat album.

  • mikezippy
  • Steve

    I was told there would be more porn.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty upset too.

  • One Mat Gang

    Well, since I’ve had a popsicle stick lodged in my pee hole for years now, I guess I’m stuck with a zebra. Unless you think we could jam another stick in my dick?

  • Is the zebra fruity?

  • zeid

    #1 seems to be more sensitive