Hick Fix of the Day

It’s a hot summer day. Perfect for grilling with friends and family. One problem. There is no grill top for the fire

Brilliant idea! Grill steaks on the bottom shelf and smoke your veggies on the top. You are a damn genius!

What if you don’t have a shopping cart? Try a rake 

That’s using your noggin!

Just another Hick Fix of the Day. 

  • One Mat Gang

    Remember, if you ever get lost in the woods, moss only grows on the north side of a dong.

  • mikezippy

    Very clever. I think the only makeshift roster I’ve used that comes close is an old wire clothes hanger. But those are getting harder to find these days it seems.

    • One Mat Gang

      Good thinking. I worked cooking BBQ chickens outdoors at a place. 50 at a time. They bought rolls of metal garden fence to use. Flip once. Put it in the scrap bin. For a business that’s ok. I prefer a real grill at home. Metal hangers are a thing of the past. That has affected my muffler repairs and my alleyway abortion clinics

      • mikezippy

        They were great for cleaning clogged pipes as well.

  • Gotta have my hick fix.

  • Thomas Cruise

    I would’ve made a great hick. Far better than the Nazi I once was in a movie and for four weeks in Argentina while trying to fit in with the white locals.