Skynet is Alive!!!

Skynet (aka The Beast) is alive! Thank you Fin for such a wonderful gift. You are a great friend. I will cherish it forever.

In other news:

Fin and I will start doing live streams for Ark: Survival Evolved. We’ll let you know when to get on Twitch to chat with us. If you play Ark, we would love to have you join our tribe! Let me know below if you are interested.

ABC my friends!



  • mikezippy

    Looking good. Liquid cooled cpu i7700k so you can over clock in the bios….1tb ssd….16 gb dd4 ram which when you overclock your cpu you will have to match your memory with it….all in all not too bad. I’d probably gone with a little more beefy 1080 like a gigabyte oc but what you got will do just fine. Not bad at all.

    • It’s all Greek to me my friend.

      • One Mat Gang

        It’s all geek to me my friend

      • Fbt, noice.

  • Howdy Doody ✅ CONSERVATIVE

    OOO””” I want that video card$$$ Also looks like Corsair DDR4 (at least 2666Mhz) probably 16GB And I like the heavy duty CPU cooling lines.. Here’s Sam below building this system..

  • holybagpipes

    If you’re playing Ark just remember to increase to your gathering, taming and xp. Believe me, taming takes a LONG time.

    Also, my rig keeps locking up while playing Ark. But hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade later on.

    • Thanks for the advice bud. I can’t wait to play. I hope you get an upgrade too. Fin and I really want to fight Dinos with ya!

      • holybagpipes

        Me too Sam! You really ought to fire a flare into the sky at night and watch the effects.

        Oh ho? I’ll have you know that I had amassed an army of 3 dodos and 3 parasaurs! (of which one dodo got eaten and the parasaurs died and I killed one by accident)

      • I hear dodo are the “thing” to kill in Ark. Super good times.

      • holybagpipes

        Yeah and they’re pretty easy to kill. Troodons on the other hand are stuff of nightmares when starting out since they’re small, fast and have poisonous bites that causes your character to black out. It happened to me and I drowned in a river.

      • From what I hear, I’m going to die a lot.

      • holybagpipes

        Yup although it’s better compared to when it was in Early Access(a damn T Rex popped out of nowhere after playing for 20 mins). Some of the higher level critters are pretty far away but if you want to get the hang of things you can increase your xp farming by 3x, resource gathering by 1.5x and taming by 6x.

        After playing after 4 hours(6-7 hours without the xp farming edit), I managed to craft a metal spear, a bow with tranquilizer arrows and a decent settlement. Getting metal’s a bit tricky though but some things are pretty self explanatory. But once you are able to somewhat defend yourself and have a good mount, you can start heading inland.

        I did that and got killed by a giant beaver. Also while taming stuff it’s MUCH faster using tranq arrows and a bola rather than a slingshot or club.

  • Beastly beast

    A FUCKING 1080!!!?

    Sam you’ve got a better pc than I do!

    I’ve got more ram than you though!

    A whopping 32 GB!

    (Mainly because the sticks were laying around so why not plug them in!

    Other than that I’ve got a 1050ti and a 3.4ghz I7.

    But your computer is a beast!


    Let me know what games you end up loading up to that thing!

    • holybagpipes

      I was surprised when I saw it too! And I’ve a 960 2gb in mine.

      I’ve suggested some to him but Ark is totally locking up my system forcing a restart since it eats so much memory. I’m hoping to upgrade to a Ryzen 1300x with a gtx1060 or rx580.

    • Thanks! I love my monster computer. I feel like a goober for not knowing a single thing about it. FBT

      Right now I have Ark and Shadows of the Empire. I’m thinking about getting Civ 5 today too….and Maybe AvP 2000…Steam is going to take away all my money…😀

      • holybagpipes

        Wait for the halloween steam sale!

      • Oh my glob!

      • Beastly beast

        The sales Sam…. the sales!!!

        Soon you’ll be like us and you will never eve rpay full price for a game… unless you really really want to. Everything else waits for the SALE!!!


      • holybagpipes
      • Beastly beast

        I’m thinkin elite dangerous may go on sale soon since the patch release is going to be on the 26th. So that my be worth keeping any eye out for. Sometimes you can get the base game and the expansion for 30 or 40.

        Also check out humble bundle and GOG… sometimes they even beat steam. And humble bundle deals in steam keys anyway. I just got five games from them for like ten bucks.

  • Jerry Eldini

    Man, my pooper quivered just a little bit when that screen lit up! I think it knows it’s only a matter of time now….

  • Thomas Cruise

    This is great and all, but it’s not going to replace my Super Mario Bros., is it? I was told in the late 1980’s that I was set for life with that game.

  • Sam confirms: console gaming is MUERTOS

  • PQG 1991

    You maniacs! You did it! You finally did it! Now humanity is doomed! DOOMED!!!!