Epic Showdowns: Gayest Dresser

Wearing strange outfits is nothing new in Rock n Roll. From Screamin’ Jay Hawkins dressing as a voodoo priest in the 50’s, the entire 80’s were full of outrageous fashion choices, to the present with Lady Gaga and her meat suit. Here is a list of my Top 5 Gayest Dressers


Garth Brooks 


Katy Perry


Michael Bolton


Elton John


Billy Corgan

This is my top 5 Gayest Dressers in Rock n Roll. Who are your top 5?

  • HITO

    I vote that Garth Brooks takes all five spots.

    • One Mat Gang

      Yeah. That is a super gay dresser he owns

      • HITO

        It triggers OCD that I didn’t even know I had

      • One Mat Gang

        I just hit my wife with a lamp because of how gay Garth Brooks dresser is.

      • HITO

        Equality and all that

      • I just hit my lamp with my dong (my gay dong)

      • One Mat Gang

        Good thinking. Hit with the gay dong. Love with your other dong

      • Yes! Spread the loving dong juice around!

  • mikezippy

    Now Michael Bolton would be handy in one of those tiny houses cause you could use his dresser to get up into the loft up above while still having plenty of storage space that isn’t in the way.

    • One Mat Gang

      Conveniently gay

  • Baby Sister

    ok this is how stupid i am.. i thought it was about cloths lol

    • One Mat Gang

      I’m a tricky one