Fin & Sam Live on Twitch Tonight! (Update: We are live now!)

We are doing a test run of playing Ark together, and we are planning on putting it up on Twitch live later tonight. I’ll post another update on TGO if we go live tonight. Since Fin and I are able to do this in our own homes respectively, we will be doing more live streams together on a regular basis. Once I get my Elgato setup for my new computer, I’ll be able to record the streams and post our gameplay on my YouTube channel for all to see.

If you are interested in chating with us tonight and in the future, let me know below. I’ll make double sure you get notifications on what nights we will be on Twitch.

How to find us:

Watch FinTheHuman4Life with me on Twitch!


  • mikezippy

    While your offline Sam I am happily stealing all your stuff ha ha ha. Back to punching trees for you sir.

    • Oh no! Right after a raptor punched my anus with its claws too.