Hunting the Dumps

Timing is everything. Ten years ago property values were very low. Interest rates were low. The banks hadn’t fucked us all yet. I purchased property with two others at a super rate. Today I wouldn’t be able to touch the value. Timing is everything. I use this property for it’s natural resources. I heat  my home with the dead fall trees all winter, I fill my freezer with venison during the fall.  We have corn fields and apple orchards. But my favorite resource was one I didn’t know was there until I walked the whole property. 

Several large farm dumps. Nobody used to throw out garbage. No, they dumped it out back. I discovered a long hillside where there is garbage from the late 1800’s at the bottom of the hill to the 1960’s at the top. Here are the best of what I’ve found so far 

A horse drawn single plow made in the late 1800’s and a rare tapered milk jug from around the same time. I never see ones shaped like this

This is a 3 foot (one meter to the rest of the world) saw blade made in the early 1900’s. The teeth are slightly irregular. Each cut by hand 

Dozens of pre-prohibition beer bottles. Prohibition was 1920-1934. 

Let’s comb through the dumps and see what we can find 

I found a milk stool from the 1940’s. You know what I’m gunna do with this?

Very important stuff. I love my hillbilly thrift store!

On the way home I stopped by Savage Winery to fill a growler. 

They had a special. For $20 you get a growler and a 27oz mug full of Oktoberfest beer. It is a local beer made by Woodcock Brothers called Cocktoberfest. Perfect for Gay Sunday! I love Cock…toberfest!  It tastes more like an amber ale than a traditional Oktoberfest beer. But it is tasty as hell. Down the hatch!  

Do you like to Hunt The Dumps TGO?