Sniper of the Day

Today we salute our true marksmen. These legends of the gun range. Proper form, steady hands, perfect vision, and deadly accuracy, all combine to make a beautiful artform.  

First up is this shot gun master. Not Elmer Fudd

It’s Elmer Pudd! Safety first. Always wear, eye protection, ear muffs, gloves, and your best striped panties.

 Maybe we need a woman to show him how to shoot like a man

See, that’s how you shoot like a man!  Keep your pants on but fall down. If she shot like a woman, those skinny jeans would have flown right off, like that first guys. Keep your gender correct when shooting please. Maybe she should give up the boom-stick and try a hand gun

On second thought…maybe you should go bake some brownies and leave the  hand guns to an expert 

Two flips and a twist. Show off!  That’s why you’re an expert I guess. 

Ok. Enough with toying around. Let’s break out the BIG shit. Let’s watch a man make an amazing shot. This is our Sniper of the Day

It’s all there. Proper form. Steady hand. Perfect vision. And deadly accuracy. That taillight never stood a chance. 

How ’bout you TGO? We got any straight shooters, pistol packing Annie’s, or trick shots out there?