Author Spotlight: Mike Zippy

Today I want to spotlight one of the amazing talents we have here at TGO. A man I am proud to know, Mike Zippy. 

Mike was born into simple beginnings. He miraculously appeared at a South American orphanage in the year he was born. 

Mike wasn’t like the other children. He was born with a gift. One he knew he must share with the world

This is some of the earliest known footage of Mike dancing. When he was four years old, Mike hid away on a cargo ship bound for California. He knew this was his golden ticket to stardom. 

Once in California, Mike worked odd jobs to pay for acting school. 

Mike’s big break came when he landed the role of a lifetime. This unknown child prodigy would walk into an open casting call, and dance away with the part of AC Slater on the hit tv series Saved By The Bell. 

This role was tailor made for Mike. It showcased his good looks, natural charm, and above all else his gift of dance. 

This is where I met Mike for the first time. We worked on set for three years together. He was the star of the show. I was head of backstage catering. We became very close friends. Mike would come over every day to my work area to hang between shooting. He would playfully yell stuff at me like “Hey ass-hat, you burned my fucking bagel!” Then he would throw it in my face. This happened daily for years. I saved every bagel Mike ever threw at me. They are in baggies in my freezer.  I wrote the date on each one, and the exact quote he yelled that day. We were so close we didn’t even need to talk much. 

After 18 glorious seasons, dozens of awards, and three overdoses, Mike retired from Show biz. He now writes books chronicling his adventures. 

Also look for Mike Zippy Mind Funk Theater on The Great Thanks Mike for enriching our lives. 

And remember, it’s a fact that some of these facts, are in fact non facts.