Adventures With Zippy

When we last left our hero Mike, he had retired from Show biz, and begun writing books about his wild adventures 

Here’s my buddy!  You need a bagel or anything let me know. 

What kind of adventures has Mike Zippy been up to you ask?  Let’s have a look 

Mike learned to play the drums. Look at him go!

Mike roller skated all around town. Good way to stay in dancing shape

Mike took the time to get a haircut while he was in town

Looking sharp. You can take Mike Zippy out of Hollywood but you can’t take the Hollywood out of Zip. It’s not all wine, women, and song though. 

Mike spent leisure time on his boat
He even made time for our TGO fans

“What’s that Howdy Doody? You want to pose for a picture you can turn into a hilarious meme?  Sure thing!”

Mike Zippy is a man of the people. Beloved everywhere by everyone. 

Kick back and relax Mike. You’ve earned it. You can only do so much WINNING in one day.