Burnout of the Day 

Let’s face it. Winter is on its way. No matter how hard I bitch, it’s still going to snow. So you might as well make the best of it. No better way to have fun in the snow than on a snowmobile. That’s where we look for our Burnout of the Day: snowmobile edition 

Not too bad. Not a big burnout, but you managed to cripple your buddy. Next 

That’s cold as ice. But funny as hell. Part burnout, part making your friend eat shit. Well played. Not Burnout of the Day though 

Burnout, wheelie, doughnut…this one has it all… including Burnout of the Day! 

When it’s winter outside and you’re all liquored up, that’s when it’s time to do 80mph on a sled. Stay frosty TGO!